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Group Counselling

In 2020 group counselling will be offered for depression:

This group would be helpful for clients who frequently experience feeling  “burnt out”, “unmotivated”, “numb”, “sad or teary”.


The next group starts in April

The topic is “3 Ways through depression”

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Many treatments for depression rely on one psychological model, commonly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This approach is evidenced-based and can be highly effective. However, is it not the only effective treatment and it is not for everyone. During these group sessions Emily will take you on a journey through three well established psychological models where you can chose what resonates most with you. Get curious and excited. You are bound to find something new.

The topics:

Psychological skill                                    Model                                                         Time

Learn to change your thinking                  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy                  Two weeks

Practice acceptance and compassion      Acceptance and Commitment Therapy      Two weeks

Find meaning and hope                            Existential Therapy                                    Two weeks

Dates: Friday 24th April

Time: 12-1:30 pm

Place: Level 3, Suite 1, 64 Castlereagh St ( at the practice)


6 sessions is $140 per session or  $800 up front 

Clients may be eligible for the medicare rebate if they have a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP. 


Maximum number of people is 8


Previously, Emily facilitated groups for patients experiencing anxiety, depression and bipolar at Mosman Private Hospital. This year (2020) will be the first time they will be available from her private practice in Castlereagh St.


Register your interest for other groups for one of the groups below by sending an email.


Recover from corporate burnout

  1. What is it and how did it happen?

  2. Changing the thinking and behaviour linked to burnout

  3. Learning to manage stress differently

  4. Getting strong again

  5. Finding meaning in work 

Finding a way through separation

  1. Recovery (rebuilding the self) Practical steps to reduce conflict

  2. How to help children adapt

  3. How to protect kids from further stress

  4. Getting happy again.

  5. Introducing new partners (depending on the group)

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