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Mental clarity and resilience

Learn cognitive skills to sharpen and hold your focus 

Stay emotionally regulated when under pressure

Feel motivated

Creating courageous teams 

Informed by the research of Brene Brown

Explores how workplace “culture” can increase engagement and smart risks

Learn steps for building trust

How to encourage creative problem solving 

Who Would Benefit? 

  • High performance teams at risk of burnout

  • Organisations interested in cultural change to promote better problem solving and new ideas

  • Teams that have experienced recent change

  • Workplaces who want to promote good mental health and provide tools for managing stress

Request a Workshop

Call or text0422781231


Adapting to change

Common barriers to change

Get past resistance

Maintain the trust of your team

Build hope and restore confidence

Preventing corporate burnout

What is it? How does it happen?

Change the thinking and behavior linked to burnout

Learn to manage stress differently

Finding meaning in work again


Past clients include the Australian Defence Force, the AFL, the Commonwealth Bank and the Australian Veterinary Association.

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