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Individual sessions last for 50mins.


Make an appointment


To book now online - CLICK HERE 


Request an appointment by text. 

Phone: 0422781231


Come into the office for a face-to-face session or organise a phone/video session.


Find out if the therapist is right for you

This is the most important step.

Therapy has the best results when your therapist feels like a “good fit” for you.

This looks like...

  • They understand what's going on for you

  • They are caring and non-judgemental

  • They may be able to help you make sense of why you are feeling the way you do

  • You feel hopeful that they will help you to identify new ways of thinking and acting so that change is possible.


Studies into therapy and change suggest that cognitive change (new thinking patterns) should start to take hold after six sessions.

Behavioural change can usually be expected around 12 sessions.

However, some clients come for short term therapy on specific challenges while others attend for longer periods of time. 




The fee is $220.

Professional coaching includes an additional GST (total is $242)


You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Medicare rebate

If you are eligible for the Medicare rebate you will receive the refund back into your account. This is usually about $87.45. 

Private health fund

Many private health funds provide a rebate for sessions with a psychologist.

Please contact your fund to enquire about the whether you are covered.

Cancellation fee


Please note you will be required to pay the full fee if you cancel in less than 48hrs. This is standard practice.

What does it involve? 

Individual Counselling

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